Services f​or Individuals and Businesses

  • Adoption & surrogacy;
  • Animal law;
  • Civil litigation;
  • Divorce, alimony, post-separation support, child custody, & child support;
  • ​Property, homeowners, & business insurance disputes;
  • Business law;
  • Contracts (drafting, negotiating, & enforcement);
  • Debt collection, negotiation, & defense;
  • ​Defective products; ​
  • Landlord/tenant law;
  • ​Litigation preparation to help individuals represent themselves in court;
  • Medical malpractice & other professional negligence;
  • Personal injury/property damage;
  • Real estate litigation;
  • Small claims court preparation;
  • Torts; and,
  • Traffic.

Fee Structures

We strive to make dependable, quality legal services affordable for you. Costs and fee
structures vary by case type.

An initial consultation of up to one hour is $100.00.

Payment plans and alternative fee arrangements may be available.

Please contact us to schedule a consultation.

Cost and fees